Community Initiatives


A summary of the Wikipedia description of Austin follows:

Austin, located on the West Side of Chicago, is the largest community area both geographically and by population. According to a 2016 analysis by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, there were 99,711 people and 32,277 households residing in the area. The racial makeup of the area was 4.20% White, 84.20% African American, 0.50% Asian, 0.80% from other races. The median household income for the area was $31,435 as opposed to $47,831 for the city. The area’s residents were disproportionately lower income with 41.0% of residents earning less than $25,000. In 2015, the Chicago Police Department identified this neighborhood as nearly the highest in homicide-related incidents in Chicago.


Since its inception, RMR has continually developed and implemented programming, leading volunteers from within and outside of the Austin community, to improve the quality of life for Austin residents. RMR’s activities have been focused on the following objectives:

  • Attract more businesses and employers to this community
  • Address problem buildings and loitering
  • Create a more beautiful landscape for the entire community
  • Identify alternative strategies for neighborhood safety
  • Work with city, state and federal government to bring more and better services


2011: RMR, as volunteers, led the Central Austin Neighborhood Association in a beautification program that garnered the Keep Chicago Beautiful, 2011 Neighborhood Vision Award.




2016: RMR served as event planner and coordinator for an annual Austin neighborhood festival which was attended by at least 300 people each year. The objectives were to educate and inform community residents about available resources for life enrichment while at the same time providing entertainment not usually seen in underserved communities.


2014: RMR collaborated with the American Civil Liberties Union and the Central Austin Neighborhood Association to take actions to equalize utilization of police resources across Chicago communities and to increase positive community engagement with the Chicago Police Department.


2016: RMR created website for Advocates for Neighborhood Empowerment, a not for profit community organization dedicated to providing residents with tools for greater civic involvement.


2018: RMR was awarded a grant from the Safe and Peaceful Communities Fund to create an art event in the Austin community.